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With a name like First Class Funk, one can assume this strain is going to be stinky and strong! Although this popular strain is grown by many cultivators, it was originally created by Compound Genetics from crossing GMO with Jet Fuel Gelato. As any cannabis aficionado knows, these parent strains are both all-Stars, both with a reputation for potency. Speaking of potency, we've seen this Indica leaning hybrid testing at 33% THC!

Experienced users can tell from the looks of First Class Funk that this is going to be one potent hybrid! The curled fern-green leaves clump into patterns that resemble artichokes, while fuzzy orange confetti-like pistils are abundantly scattered throughout. A heavy coat of sticky gold trichomes coats the buds, providing an aesthetically pleasing amber trim while helping to lend the buds a lime-green appearance.

THC: 30.05%

TERPS: 0.174%

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